Our Pastor

Pastor Ed and Terrie Pincusoff

Pastor Ed Pincusoff is a 21st century version of the wild West plains preacher. His ministry at Sausalito Christian Fellowship is a passionate pursuit of God's call on his life even though he supports his family by running a secular business.

A Jewish believer, Ed made his commitment to Christ twenty years ago. This occurred after spending many months in study and contemplation, considering the Biblical evidence for the Christian faith. Ed is a musician who feels called by God to bring others to worship, Ed has been involved in worship ministries as a leader and instrumentalist for all of his twenty years in the faith. Ed considers his preaching and teaching ministries to be further expressions of his passion to bring others into the presence of an awesome and loving God. This passion extends to those who do not yet know Christ personally, as well as those who have been walking in His love for many years.

Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you,
who walk in the light of your presence, O LORD.
(Ps 89:15 NIV)

Ed has also been deeply involved in homeless and prison ministries over the years, as well as small group ministries as a leader, coach, and trainer.

Ed is greatly assisted by his wife, Terrie. She is the worship minister, bringing practical and passionate worship experience to the community of Sausalito. Terrie holds a Master's of Music degree in composition from California State University in Fullerton.

The Pincusoff family is completed by Rachel, thirteen years old, and Joel, eleven. Rachel and Joel provide Ed and Terrie with daily practical spiritual lessons, as only children can. Rachel and Joel are the official greeting committee at SCF.